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Allure Magazine recommends our Acne Control Complex spot treatment as part of a three-product cocktail to combat "deep, humungous cystic" acne. 

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Yahoo! Beauty suggests our Acne Control Complex to help you "get strategic" with low-dose benzoyl peroxide. "Because it delivers three benefits: normalizing oil production in the gland itself, cleaning pores and acting as an antibacterial agent." 

GQ Magazine

"Razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs blow. So cut them off at the pass with a cream that soothes while you shave."

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"The Arithmetic Acne Control Complex balances a low 3 percent benzoyl peroxide with nourishing shea butter and jojoba oil. Translation: It'll zap blemishes without drying out the skin around them."

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“For the last 10-20 years, adult acne has been increasing," and our Acne Control Complex is among the top spot treatments to get it under control.  

"Benzoyl peroxide is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for acne treatment." Our Acne Control Complex has it. And "this product also contains Shea butter and jojoba oil to offset the drying effect of BP."

Have a zit you want to get rid of fast? While we suggest a slow approach, Rachel Zoe's Zoe Report points to our Acne Control Complex spot treatment. With benzoyl peroxide, it can zap a breakout quickly.

Beauty editors have access to hundreds of beauty products. But what do they really use to keep their skin clear and healthy? For Mi-Anne Chan's oily-combination skin, she turns to our Acne Control Complex spot treatment. 

Winter forces guys to update their winter wardrobe. But they should also upgrade their cool-weather grooming game, including exfoliating with our Konjac Exfoliating Sponge

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Are surf towns and hidden beaches in your future? Mimi has a list of must-pack beauty products, including our Acne Control Complex spot treatment.  

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When California joined six other states in banning plastic microbeads from face scrubs, Mimi suggested our all-organic Konjac Exfoliating Sponge as an alternative. 

Beauty editors are loving our Konjac Exfoliating Sponge.

Check out expert tips on how to keep breakouts at bay from Andy Bosselman, founder of Arithmetic.

June 2015: Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to exfoliating with microbeads?'s skincare expert suggests our Konjac Exfoliating Sponge

June 2015: Our shave cream is exceptional and a great gift. We're glad to see Chicago's premier magazine for the North Shore agrees!

June 2015: A writer at XO Jane loves the ingredients of our Acne Control Complex and says the results are "SO GOOD!!!"

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May 2015: Yahoo! Beauty suggests our Konjac Exfoliating sponge as an eco-friendly tool to keep you clean, even on your most glamorous camping trips. 

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May 2015: Allure recommends our Acne Control Complex "to banish zits with minimal dryness."

May 2015: Check out our expert tips on beard oils and breakouts.

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May 2015: From keeping your sheets clean to giving up on skincare products too soon, our founder offers expert tips in a piece full of great advice for clear, healthy skin.  

May 2015: Spring is a great time to re-evaluate your skincare routine. Our founder weighs in with tips on how to save your skin. 

May 2015: We love DIY skincare, but for some concerns it may be better to stick to products like our Acne Control Complex.

April 2014: Check out our tip for clear skin as the weather warms.

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April 2014: Our founder shares shaving tips in Popsugar.


April 2014: Gear Patrol features our Aloe + Zinc Shave Cream among last week's best new gear for guys.

March 2014: Our founder is quoted in an article about fast fixes to big zits.

March 2014: AskMen includes our Acne Control Complex when it covers some of the biggest grooming issues you didn’t have to deal with until your thirties, and how to tackle them with grace and ease.

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March 2014: In an article about skincare ingredients that may cause allergic reactions, Women's Health Magazine suggested our Acne Control Complex as perfect for sensitive skin.

February 2014: Our unique approach to treating adult acne is profiled in Forbes.

February 2014:Our founder is quoted in an article about skincare ingredients for acne-prone skin on a leading beauty news and trends site.

Febraury 2014: Cindy Barshop, a former cast member of the Real Housewives of New York and founder of Spruce and Bond, a spa that specializes in hair removal, suggested our Acne Control Complex. We were surprised and quite happy for our first celebrity endorsement. 

February 2014: Check out what OUT Magazine had to say about our Aloe + Zinc Shave Cream ($30): 

Hello, aloe! A naturally soothing ingredient, aloe is not just to heal sunburns anymore. Starting with your shaving cream. Arithmetic's thick clay-like cream uses the calming properties of aloe and a cocktail of botanicals to cure blemish-prone skin from shaving bumps.


January 2014: We're excited to be featured in the latest issue of Haute Living Magazine. 

"Meet Arithmetic, a San Francisco based skincare collection that launched with a single product, Acne Control Complex, in May of 2013. Now, Arithmetic has three products (there’s a thick shave cream and gentle exfoliating sponge), a loyal cult following, and lofty ambitions to change the way adults treat their skin."

As her sister left for her freshman year of college, Bustle Beauty Editor Tori Tefler rounded up a care package to give her the "face of an angel." It included our Acne Control Complex and Konjac Exfoliating Sponge.

"I love Arithmetic's Acne Control Complex, which was developed especially for adult acne and combines both a lower-strength (3%) benzoyl peroxide with tea tree oils. Love the double whammy! Take that acne!" —Julyne Derrick 

"I usually stick to organic products, but my history of troubled skin sometimes comes back with a vengeance. During severe breakouts I turn to Arithmetic's 
Acne Control Complex..."—Kristina Rudolfo

"Take care of your skin, be good to it, and create an environment where acne is less likely to occur in the future." —Sarah Campbell 

The authoritative men's shaving blog recommends our shave cream for shaving problem skin.

"A few quick tips can help you get bumps and zits under control—and make shaving something you actually enjoy." 







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