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Are All Of Your Reviews Positive?

No. If you've checked out the reviews on our website, it may look like our products are a miracle cure. For many adults, our evidence-based approach helps acheive clear, healthy skin dramatically better than other products. But the truth is, no product can clear everyone's skin, including ours.

How To Find Our Negative Reviews

We publish all of the reviews our customers write. However, the software that manages our reviews favors positive reviews. As we write this, we found negative reviews of our Acne Control Complex by clicking to Page 25 of the reviews section. To see all of our reviews, Click the 100 Reviews badge above. 

Sample Negative Reviews
While the majority of our reviews are positive, because it can be difficult to find our negative reviews, we thought we'd share a few here.
Acne Control Complex: One-Star Reviews
  • Disappointed. Feels nice right after you apply to just cleansed skin, however haven't seen an ounce of improvement. Have followed instructions to a tee about slowly phasing in more applications. Definitely did dry out my face a lot in the beginning, now no longer dry but not even a little bit effective with my adult acne. Bummed :( --Rachel M. 5/21/2014
  • I'm sorry to have to report that your product did nothing for my skin. I used it diligently every day and night (I've been using BP for over 1 year day and night anyway) and there was no irritation -- in fact, the moisturizing properties of Arithmetic were great. But my hormone ravaged skin saw no benefit from using it. I suffered the same pimples and blackheads anyway. My skin is only now starting to see a difference (and its so imperceptible) because I am back on hormonal birth control. I have a long way to go. -Heather H., 4/7/2014
  • Doesn't work on my skin. I like the idea of this product as I have used both tea tree oil and prescription topical treatments but this is not strong enough for my adult acne. I have used it twice a day since I got it (3 weeks ago) but I see no change. -Lindsay K., 12/31/2013