Good skincare habits? Tell us how you "stick with it" and win $100.

Posted on January 26, 2016 by Rachel Duran

How do you stick with your skincare habits?

Being consistent with skincare isn't always easy. And clear, healthy, breakout-free skin takes consistent habits. 

Whether you're an existing customer or a future one, we want to know: When it comes to skincare, what tips keep you on track? 

Do you use a sunscreen moisturizer every day? What about about after a night out on the town? Do you wash your face and and apply a spot treatment before you crawl into bed? Then we have one question: How do you do it?


  • First Prize: $50 Arithmetic Gift Card AND $50 Amazon Gift Card 
  • Second Prize: $50 Arithmetic Gift Card 
  • Third Prize: $30 Arithmetic Gift Card

Click to enter here. 

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