The Secret to Getting Rid of Jawline Acne

Posted on December 17, 2015 by Erin McKelle

Woman looking at pimples along her jawline

Do you find yourself suffering from breakouts, but mostly on your jawline? If this sounds like you, then listen up because how to go about treating this type of adult acne can be vastly different from how you approach others.

Look to Your Hormones

If you have jawline acne or jacne, it’s probably due to hormones—yet another thing that women struggle with more than men. Jawline acne is usually attributed to these imbalances, as well as possible reproductive health issues. One such issue is Polycystic Ovarian System (PCOS), which can often be discovered by looking at your acne and more women suffer from jawline acne in general than men do.

In fact,  Bethanee Schlosser, MD, director of the women's skin health program at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, says that having stubborn acne can be a huge indication of having PCOS "Any female patient who [comes] to me with either persistent acne—they had it in their teens and it's continued past the age of 25—or acne starting after age 25, I'll evaluate for PCOS," she told WebMD.

Evaluate Your Diet

Your eating habits can also influence jawline acne, as a diet high in caffeine and sugar can lead to breakouts in this area. Dairy is also a huge culprit of jacne. If you fall into this category of jawline acne sufferers, try cutting back on soda and processed sugars.

Find a Solution

Just as hormones are often the cause of this type of acne, they can also be a solution. Birth control can be used to treat this kind of acne, since it will regulate the hormones causing you to break out. It’s also an FDA approved method of treating acne, in addition to preventing pregnancy.

Seek a Different Approach

There are a lot of ways to treat jawline acne that aren’t hormonally based, though (or if you’re a man). Getting more exercise, using chemical peels, and using a smart skincare routine can all be used to treat jacne. Talk to your dermatologist to develop a plan on what products you can use to help you find relief.

Jawline acne can be difficult to treat, but not impossible! Finding the root cause of this type of break out will guide you to your solution.

  • Erin McKelle is a feminist blogger and freelance writer whose work has appeared in Bustle, The Huffington Post, and Beautycon. @ErinMcKelle
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