You Take Care of Your Skin. Treat Yourself with One of These Luxe Skincare Kits

Posted on October 08, 2015 by Rachel Duran

Skin Cleanse Kit BY S.W. BASICS

Rachel DuranWhen you struggle with breakouts and adult acne, caring for your skin takes time, patience and a lot of effort. If your skincare routine is getting a little stale, why not reward yourself for all that hard work with some little luxuries for your complexion? Get yourself a gift already and put together a kit full of products to celebrate your diligence (and encourage continued determination).

For the DIY-Lover

Skin Cleanse Kit by S.W. Basics ($65)

Glow inside and out with this beyond-basic kit for the artisan-appreciating, do-it-yourself crew. The lot includes the book, “Skin Cleanse” by author Author, Adina Grigore, as well as recipes for natural masks and bath soaks. Bonus: hand-written skincare tips from the author.

For the Traveler 

Ursa Major: Traveler’s Skin Care Kit ($46)

Hit the road with skincare products that make you feel right at home. This set of four is perfect for hitting the daily basics: face wash, shave cream, face balm, and face wipes. Bonus: all-natural products for clear skin and a clear conscious.

For the Busy Bee:

Fig + Yarrow Bath + Body Kit ($88)

We all know our skin doesn’t react well to stress—so take a load off! Kick back with these handcrafted bath and body indulgences: relax, detox, and nourish the night (or day) away. Brandy Monique, the proprietress behind Fig+Yarrow, uses leaves, vibrant roots, flowers, minerals and oils to make all these goodies. Bonus: aromatherapy heaven, available in multiple scents.


  • Rachel Duran is an editor at Arithmetic
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