Naturally Clear: 5 Essential Oils That Just Might Help Blemish-Prone Skin

Posted on August 07, 2015 by Rachel Duran

Tea trees (melaleuca) in Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Rachel Duran From chasing away headaches to boosting your mood, the healing properties of essential oils have been credited to helping every ailment imaginable—including zits, pimples, and breakouts. While we can't say that rigorous studies have proven that every oil mentioned will work for you, many people have sung the praises botanically-based oils. Like many natural remedies, they probably won't hurt—and just might help.

Tea Tree Oil

A plant extract that loves your skin. Tea tree oil is an effective antimicrobial agent known to fight the bad bacteria that causes acne. Tea tree also has anti-inflammatory properties to help de-puff your complexion even when you’re faced with a troubling breakout. This strong, effective oil should not be applied directly to your skin: it's best when paired up with other skin-clarifying ingredients.  


Yes, we rosemary is a delicious addition to your dinner but it’s also a revitalizing delight for your skin. Rosemary helps reduce excess oil, ease redness, and calm inflammation. Get radiant by regularly using a cleaners, scrub, or moisturizer that boasts rosemary oil. The fragrant herb also helps improve circulation, which can help firm and tone for a younger-looking you.

Bergamot Oil

Invigorating and citrusy fresh, bergamot oil helps bring life back to dull, tired skin. The cold-pressed oil is produced by cells inside the rind of a bergamot organge and it’s drying characterists help absorb excess sebum. Bergamot is also an anti-bacteriat agent that can be used for spot treatments—just be sure you dilute the concentrated oil before applying to your sensitive skin.


Woodsy and warm, frankincense is a scent often used to complement meditation. The essential oil is an amazing healer and cell regenerator, great for using on scars left behind by former breakouts and for promoting the growth of new healthy tissue. Frankincense can also be used as an anti-aging oil to reduce wrinkles and slow the signs of aging.


The queen of aromatherapy, lavender is incredibly soothing. Research shows the calming scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Since our bodies often respond to our busy schedules by releasing stress hormones and thereby increasing sebum production, relaxing to the scent of lavender is a great way to fight breakouts before they happen. Rub a little on your pulse points and take a series of deep inhales.


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