Expert Essentials for Clear Skin: 3 Makeup Vloggers Reveal Their Skincare Routines and Complexion Secrets

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Rachel Duran

Beauty: Woman applying makeup

Rachel DuranAll aglow in front of their webcams, it’s easy to feel envious of the complexions—and makeup collections—of today’s YouTube stars who talk about beauty. They seem to have it all: a sweet job, product hookups, beauty know-how, and the confidence to match. 

But what’s really behind their flattering screen presence? Here are three beauty vloggers who aren’t afraid to reveal their skincare secrets and show their naked skin to the world. You might be surprised at what’s hiding beneath...real women!

Cassandra Bankson


22-year-old fashion model turned vlogger, Cassandra Bankson, has been posting videos about acne and makeup since 2010, stocking her channel with bold confessionals and quirky tutorials on skincare. Suffering from severe acne since age eight, Cassandra has turned her ongoing struggle into a wealth of advice for others. She’s far from shy and it’s refreshing to see a beauty babe like Cassandra confidently talk into the camera with confidence, with or without her makeup.

Ruth Crilly: A Model Recommends


Ruth Crilly has been a U.K.-based international model for 10 years: she’s more than hip to the importance of skincare. Makeup, catwalks and more makeup: she knows that what goes on must come off—and without sacrificing the complexion beneath. Ruth gives the inside scoop on her routine with an added dose of advice on how her 'model behavior' can benefit your sensitive skin.

Ingrid Nilsen


A California girl, Ingrid Nilsen, began her YouTube channel almost six years ago and became an instant beauty vlogging icon. She’s even a spokeswoman for CoverGirl. It’s easy to assume she’s flaunting some flawless skin but her simple morning skincare routine reveals a familiar complexion with some solid tips and tricks for the acne-prone.


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