Take A "Makeup Diet" for Clearer, Healthier Skin: Here's How

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Rachel Duran

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Rachel DuranFor many women, especially those with less-than-perfect skin, applying makeup is a must-do step before stepping out of the house. But wearing makeup all day, every day can be exhausting for your skin: foundations, powders, and creams mix with the usual dirt, grime, and oil your face is exposed to. And that can suffocate pores. It may even make breakouts worse and accelerate the signs of aging.

Doesn’t your skin deserve a little breather? 

That's the reason behind the latest diet trend, The Makeup Diet. And no recipes are needed: this one is for your face, not your waistline. The Makeup Diet encourages women to refrain from wearing makeup two days a week.

If you’re typically dolled-up Monday through Friday, would you dare to go bare on the weekend? Even if the idea alone makes you cringe, take a moment to consider the benefits for any complexion, especially for skin prone to breakouts and adult acne.

While your concealer-foundation-bronzer routine may make your skin look happy, the pores below may tell another story: suffocation. While some makeup may be better than others, nothing compares to a freshly cleansed, nude complexion that enables your skin to rest, reset, and refresh.

This face diet is a preventative measure, especially for those who wear makeup to cover up blemishes, redness, and dull skin. Skipping out on the beauty routine a few times a week could help curb some of these problems from regularly occurring or lessen the amount of makeup you “need” to camouflage perceived imperfections.

Like any possible skincare remedy, it’s important to remember results are not immediate and may take several months to show. 

Whether you're ready for a makeup diet or not, always wash off makeup before hitting the hay. Beauty rest is no joke—that eight hours helps your skin rebalance and repair itself, therefore proper cleansing at night is a must. Don’t skimp on a nightly wash—even when the days are long. Leftover residue and pigments of unwashed makeup will keep building up on the skin and cause inflammation. Use makeup remover, your favorite cleanser, and finish with a moisturizer.

If two days is a breeze, why not try a seven-day challenge? Or 30 days of #iwokeuplikethis beauty. And just because you’re going makeup free, that doesn’t mean you have to or should go product-free. Wear moisturizer and SPF no matter what.


  • Rachel Duran is an editor at Arithmetic
  • About Us: Arithmetic is a new skincare company focused on helping adults achieve clear, healthy skin

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