Skincare Resolutions: Seven New Habits for Clear, Healthy Skin

Posted on January 15, 2015 by Rachel Duran

Rachel DuranStart your new year right with a plan for healthier, happier skin. January is a great time to set some good-for-you goals that benefit your complexion month after month.

No need for an expensive juice detox or a celebrity-endorsed cleanse—start with achievable, enjoyable practices that make small, yet noticeable differences in how your skin looks and feels: introduce more of the good stuff, minimize the bad, and treat your skin with care. Try these seven easy-to-keep resolutions for glowing skin all year.

1. Avoid the Sweets
Foods like white bread, potato chips, and refined sugars are high Glycemic Index foods, meaning when eaten they spike insulin levels and increase the body’s inflammatory reactions—not pleasant for your complexion. Reduce the GI-high guys and munch on protein-rich delights that both keep us fuller longer and help maintain clear skin.
2. Up the Fiber
Fiber is your friend. Consuming high fiber foods like beans and veggies help flush out toxins that slow digestion and clog pores. Pair adequate hydration with treats like kale, whole grains, and lentils for a meal that keeps your blood sugar low and things moving smoothly.
3. Introduce Probiotics
While the evidence for probiotics remains thin, some studies show that they may help problem skin. Make probiotics a regular in your skin-friendly diet by drinking kombucha or a glass of water with apple cider vinegar. You can also snack on yogurt or take dietary supplements.
4. Chill Out
Give your skin a soothing break by committing to a weekly DIY facial or mask. Kick back, read a magazine, and let those pores get the cleansing break they crave. If you’re feeling indulgent, splurge on a visit to the spa for a professional treatment.
5. Slather on SPF
Wear adequate protection, daily. Apply about one teaspoon, or a dime-sized amount, to your forehead, chin, both cheeks, and neck. Get friendly with a cream that contains at least SPF 30, wears with a sheer, non-greasy finish, and promises to be mindful of your sensitive pores.
6. Achieve a Clean Sweat
Signing up for that new gym membership was a smart move but don’t let exercise exhaust your skin—always cleanse after a good sweat. If your yoga studio or lunch-hour power walk leaves you shower-less and sticky, keep some cleansing wipes around for a quick clean that can hold you over until evening bath time.
7. Paws Off
Most of us are guilty of touching our faces countless times throughout the day. The oils on your hands, not to mention the germs we picked up on the bus, are not friends with your skin. Make a habit of keeping your mitts away from your complexion and wash your hands often throughout the day (because old habits die hard).


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