'Tis the Season for Breakouts: 6 Ways to Beat Acne During the Holidays

Posted on November 26, 2014 by Rachel Duran

Image: Stressed out woman with Christmas tree in the background

Rachel DuranThe lively weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are packed with family, friends, parties, and mushy good vibes. But for most, there’s also an added element of stress. Whether you’re overwhelmed by a long shopping list, travel plans, or playing host to your relatives, the holidays can feel heavy. 

Your body copes with the seasonal stress by producing more cortisol, thereby increasing oil production. But greeting Santa Claus doesn't have to mean a Yuletide welcome to clogged pores.

Try these six tips for keeping your skin calm during the (snow)storm—and decrease your chance of a holiday breakout.

1. Make Time For You 

According to the American Psychological Association, 38% of people feel that their stress increases during the holiday season. Keep this joyous season a pleasure by taking a time out, even if it’s just a two-minute break between courses for some deep breaths.

2. Keep Up The Routine

You’re running to and fro, singing good cheer, but don’t ditch your skincare regimen in the process. Keep your skin in good spirits by maintaining consistency with the basics: cleanse, treat, hydrate, and protect. And don’t hit the hay without washing off that holiday makeup.

3. Get Your Sleep

Without the proper z’s, not only will you feel tired, but you’ll look it, too. Your body needs down time so your skin can repair and regenerate. Tuck in early when possible and try sleeping on two pillows to elevate your head to reduce eye puffiness.

4. Keep on Moving

Exercise is incredibly important during the holidays—and not just because of the added caloric intake. De-stress on a long walk or detox with a strenuous run and help your body maintain balance inside and out.

5. Be Mindful of the Menu

You’ve got three options: Eat and drink free of inhibitions. Resist the special treats altogether. Indulge sensibly. Option three is the obvious win-win for you and your skin. Be merry: eat a hearty serving of veggies, nibble a Christmas cookie, and toast with champagne (and a glass of water).

6. Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Avoid excess dryness and irritation that come with cooler temperatures. Swap out lighter moisturizers suitable for summer and fall, opting instead for slightly richer formulas that won’t leave skin feeling greasy and weighed down. 


  • Rachel Duran is an editor at Arithmetic
  • About Us: Arithmetic is a new skincare company focused on helping adults achieve clear, healthy skin


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