Fix These Four Bad Eating Habits Now For Clear, Healthy Skin 

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Rachel Duran

Raspberries: By Glen Carrie

Rachel DuranA healthy diet will help keep your figure in top form—but your skin appreciates mindful munching, too. While our busy lives often send our appetites in search of a tasty fix, next time you’re ready to feast, here's how to cut the junk with nutritious alternatives that may help improve your skin, too.

1. Sweet Treats

Don’t let syrup-drenched short stacks or office donuts be a daily fix. Refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are the culprits of many health problems. Sugars spike blood sugar levels, thereby altering insulin and hormone levels, potentially instigating breakouts.

“Not only can sugar cause inflammation in the body, but it also adversely affects cell membranes and by extension can break down collagen, says Meagen McCusker, associate professor of dermatology at the University of Connecticut Health Center. 

2. Empty Snacks

Pre-packaged noodle soups and bags of chips are a quick way to quiet your hunger. But the satisfaction only goes so far when it delivers empty calories.

Instead, please your taste buds and your body’s shopping list at the same time: look for natural foods with vitamins for a bright complexion, minerals for infection fighting, and fiber for detox and digestion.

When possible, plan ahead by stashing some kale chips in your bag. If you’re in a rush, reach for produce of all colors, plus nuts, seeds and fresh foods.

“Stay away from anything that comes in a box,” says Juliet Rodman, a D.C. dietitian and co-founder of Corporate Wellness Solutions, “both because of the added sugars and because of other additives.”

3. Unfulfilling Eats

Breads and deep-fried menu items are hard to resist when you’re belly is rumbling, but fat and carbs won’t leave you full…for long.

Swap carbs for whole grain, low glycemic index foods like brown rice, healthy fat and skin-boosting vitamin E from delights like avocados, and protein-rich foods like wild salmon, packed with omega-3 fatty acids to help support healthy cell membranes. You’ll feel fuller, longer and your skin will reap the benefits.

4. Drinking Calories

From lattes and juice to afternoon tea and happy hour—where’s the water? Skimping on h2O halts your body’s ability to clear toxins. The skin is like a third kidney, working hard to clear up the system inside out.

Just like it’s important to cut back off the sugary foods, keep watch on your sweet beverage intake. Many with acne also find that reducing dairy is beneficial for skincare.

Also, dehydration shrivels skin—boo! Water helps to hydrate you and your skin, so drink up!

  • Rachel Duran is an editor at Arithmetic
  • Photo: Raspberries: By Glen Carrie via Unsplash
  • About Us: Arithmetic is a new skincare company focused on helping adults achieve clear, healthy skin.



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