Bustle Features Our Acne Control Complex & Konjac Sponge in Back-to-College Beauty Care Package

Posted on September 02, 2014 by Rachel Duran

Bustle's Back-to-College Care Package

We're excited to see two of our products featured in Tori Telfer's Bustle article. It features back-to-school beauty essentials in a care package expertly curated for her college-bound sister. 

If you're not familiar with Bustle, you should be. It's a new news, lifestyle, and fashion site for women written by dozens of contributors. 

To give her sister the "face of an angel," Tori rounded up a care package of more than a dozen products. About ours, she said: 

If anyone knows college skin, I KNOW COLLEGE SKIN. I know the dryness, the breakouts, the havoc that overachieving stress can wreak on your already-traumatized high school complexion. So I was especially excited to give my sister an acne treatment designed for adults, not pimply prebubescents. It’s got a lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide than many teen-focused products, plus natural ingredients like tea tree oil and witch hazel. And I guess my sister’s an adult now, so it’s okay for her to use products pitched at adults. I GUESS.

To keep her cute little face gently exfoliated, I threw in a konjac sponge, and for the best and most natural moisturizer in the world, a bottle of pure jojoba oil.


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