Go Nude: How To Make the 'No Makeup' Look Work, Even When You Don't Have Perfect Skin

Posted on June 26, 2014 by Rachel Duran

Author: Rachel DuranBare beauty first had its moment in the ‘90s, but the growing popularity of #nomakeup selfies has revived the natural look and turned minimally made-up faces into a glowing trend.

Everyone from Beyonce and teen idol Lorde, to bloggers like Leandra Medine—even the New York Times—is calling attention to the beauty benefits of the low-maintenance look.

Selfies have even begun to take the #nomakeup trend a step further—pics of bedtime-ready babes wearing acne-cream are popping up in feeds across social media.

For those struggling with acne, a no-makeup trend may sound like a zit-exposing nightmare. But giving your complexion the opportunity to be the focus may surprise you with flattering results.

Makeup-free faces aren’t always flawless and that’s no reason not to scrub yourself free of powders and colored creams. The au natural look brings out your best—acne or not: doe eyes, soft lips, flushed cheeks, and a beautiful you.

Nude makeup also doesn’t have to mean no makeup—the key is subtly: sheer, smoothing foundation, bright eyes and groomed brows, perfectly topped with a hint of color on the lips and cheeks.

The look is at once effortless and stunning—your natural beauty in its (near) natural state. There’s no need to highlight single features with dramatic lines or colors—your skin will take the lead.
“While it takes courage to approach the world truly makeup free, daring to bare isn't quite so scary when coupled with good skin—whether manufactured or otherwise,” says San Francisco Chronicle beauty writer Maghan McDowell. “Even if the new nude is an illusion created with products, it's more discreet than a face heavy on color,” she said in an article last month.

Beyond the courage it takes to wear less makeup, many women could benefit from relaxing their intense focus on skin imperfections, says Bobbi Brown, the legendary makeup artist and COO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

"When I look in the mirror and I notice something I’m not wild about, I try to counter it with focusing on something I do like," she says in a column titled 'Stop Microscoping!', one of her first on the new site Yahoo! Beauty.
Putting on the rouge (and bright lips, big lashes, and heavy liner) is about creating an image—sometimes one that doesn’t necessarily reflect the person beneath. Being fresh-faced, even with imperfections and a little makeup, reflects an air of confidence. It allows you to show the world you, not your makeup. 

  • Rachel Duran is an editor at Arithmetic
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