Acne and Self-Esteem: Give Your Complexion a Confidence Boost from Within

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Rachel Duran

Author: Rachel Duran
“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
E.E. Cummings

 It’s no surprise that acne can have a major impact on psyche and social habits, causing insecurity, shyness, and overall low self-esteem for people of all personality types. We can all agree that acne isn’t exactly cool, but that doesn’t mean the people below the bumps aren’t.

Hiding from the camera, cowering in the dark corner at work mixers, and avoiding the dating game is no way to combat skin anxieties. When you shield your face you’re also concealing all the other unique bits of your lovely self. Upping your confidence will definitely take time and diligence, but small changes promise big, feel-good results.

Get Dolled Up
Get clean. Get pretty. Take your favorite hairstyle for a walk in the neighborhood or hit the grocery store in a killer ensemble. Bat those eyes and strut your stuff—don’t let acne keep you from feeling sexy.
Haters gonna hate
It’s not too often that others are so insensitive to make degrading comments about a person’s acne. Instead it’s usually our own insecurities that conjure up the most hateful insults. Be on alert for negative self-talk and banish the shaming as soon as it creeps in. Teach yourself a lesson: for every mean comment you mumble, proudly combat it with a genuine complement.
Look Deeper
Your life doesn’t revolve around your acne. Yes, sometimes it seems to think so, too, but don’t forget there’s a lot more to you than blemishes. Walking into a party with worries about your pimples won’t erase them or help you make new friends. When you start to feel insecure, brainstorm topics of conversation and stories that excite you. Your confidence about work, hobbies, the theater or celebrity gossip will keep the focus on topic and not your face.
Let It Out

Dear diary: today’s breakout made me extra nervous for my big presentation at work. Or… my date with John went so well that I totally forgot about that awful zit on my chin. Keeping a journal organizes your thoughts and helps you work though frustrations, anxieties, goals and accomplishments.

Don’t keep your feelings all bundled up. Lean on a friend who will listen with full attention and remind you why they think you’re swell.

Have a Sense of Humor

It might be tough to crack a joke but a little self deprecating humor is one of the oldest tricks in the comedy book to get the crowd on your side. Everyone has experienced a breakout at some point in their life, so throwing in a little wit about your acne might help people relate to you and ease some of your tension. All that said, be nice—don’t throw yourself, or others, under the bus.

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