Springtime Mattifying Magic: How to Control Oil for Clear, Shine-Free Skin

Posted on May 08, 2014 by Rachel Duran

Author: Rachel DuranApril showers may have brought May flowers, but along with it came warm weather, sun, and the outdoor activities that make your acne-prone skin shine—and not in a good way.

Everyone likes a lunch break spent strolling in the park, but no one likes to return to the office with his or her face glistening from an oil outbreak. If it’s gonna be nice out, it’s time to get matte.

Acne-prone skin struggles with excess sebum production year-round and while medication, topical creams, and washes may help tame oily skin, the upcoming months can cause complete meltdowns.
To keep skin from shimmering brighter than the sun, try adding a mattifying product to your daily regimen. These face-saving, oil-loving products are formulated to absorb excess oils on the skin and control shine without blocking pores or weighing down your sun-stressed complexion.
Shopping for another skincare product may sound daunting, but the market is saturated with options to meet your sensitive skin’s needs and ease your schedule’s time constraints.
The cosmetic aisle is filled with mattifying favorites that deflect shine as they conceal, tone, and hydrate. Start with primer: Enjoy the long-lasting effects of Benefit Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer or keep this travel-friendly stick in your purse for after-hours touch-ups. Lauren Conrad suggests her fans battling with oily skin try Make Up For Ever’s Microperfecting Primer—this formula seamlessly hides under your foundation, smooths skin with silica micro balls and elastomer silicone, and hydrates in the process.
If you crave something truly lightweight, spray on Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray. A quick mist sets your look, absorbs oil, and helps lower the temperature of your makeup.
For those who skip the makeup, Mattifying moisturizers are a great way to mop up shine while also replacing your thirsty skin’s much-needed hydration. Remember—just because your skin is oily, doesn’t mean it doesn’t require moisture. Keeping the complexion balanced helps keep sebum in check.
Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion promises to keep your acne-prone skin free of puddles, without leaving you parched. Salicylic acid helps clear congested follicles, while purifying Meadow Sweet keeps an eye on oil production.
For a less discreet, but incredibly portable option, tote around a pack of blotting papers. The thin papers of finely woven fibers gently remove oil with a couple satisfying pats to your most troublesome areas: nose, chin, and forehead. Inspired by geisha tradition, Tatcha Original Aburatorigami Blotting Papers are made from 100 percent abaca leaf—free of mineral oil, synthetic colors, fragrances, powder or pulp. Bonus: the gold-flecked black papers are quite pretty.
Mattifying isn’t just for the ladies, either. Men’s skin tends to be thicker than women’s and contains more glands that produce sebum. A host of men’s products are now tailoring their formulas to reduce oiliness, while also appeal to the growing male skincare market.
“If your face is oily and sweaty, it looks like you’re not in the control of the situation,” said Jason Chen, grooming editor at GQ, as told to the NY Times. “Men are not going to powder their faces or walk around with those oil-blotting tissues that women carry, but a mattifying moisturizer is something you can just slap on in the morning. It’s sort of a way for men to have makeup without having makeup.”
While Chen’s view may be a bit narrow (blotting papers aren’t feminine!), brands have been happy to offer multi-purpose, male-targeted products, like Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion that is both an after-shave and toner, Matte for Men’s Complete Cleansing Cloths, and Anthony Logistics for Men Clay Mask.

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