Martha Stewart: What Adults with Acne Can Learn from “America’s Moistest Woman”

Posted on February 06, 2014 by Rachel Duran

Gawker: Martha Stewart is America's Moistest Woman

Author Photo: Rachel DuranWhen Martha Stewart divulged her beauty routine last month in the New York Times, Gawker responded sarcastically with a piece titled Martha Stewart is America’s Moistest Woman.

“The more moisturizers and serums you use, the better off you are,” Stewart told the Times.

While her elaborate routine may keep her 72-year-old complexion looking perfect for HDTV cameras, us non-celebrities who happen to have acne can learn a thing or two from her obsession with skin hydration, too.

The skincare market is full of harsh, zit-zapping products — and many people assume that when fighting blemishes you should avoid additional hydration. In fact, many dermatologists still suggest avoiding moisturizers, promoting the drying properties of some acne drugs as a benefit to treatment.

But those guidelines, often developed for teenagers, seem dated to many adults who have been frustrated by treatments that dried their skin — and didn't work. Today, there’s a growing trend to give  dryer, more sensitive adult complexions the benefits of moisturizers, even when treating acne.

“Moistuirzers help calm skin throughout acne treatment, reducing irritation and diminishing flare-ups,” said Andy Bosselman, founder of Arithmetic, a skincare company focused on helping adults with problem skin.

While Martha begins her skin-loving routine at least two hours before she’s due out, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and half the morning applying dozens of products.

To keep adult skin hydrated during acne treatment, keep it simple.

In the morning, use a lightweight moisturizer with SPF protection. We like the SPF Oil Control Mattifier from Murad. In the evening, repeat your AM moisturizer or splurge on a richer cream like the Deep Repair Cream from MyChelle

For additional hydration, Stewart uses many masks, mists, and serums. But for reactive and acne-prone skin, especially in cold winter months, sometimes it's best to minimize the number of chemicals you're adding to your skin. If you’d like an added dose of hydration, we suggest applying jojoba oil a few minutes before your moisturizers.

“Jojoba oil technically isn’t an oil and it actually helps the skin regulate its own oil production,” said Bosselman.

Ms. Stewart may not declare exactly how much time she spends in front of a mirror applying creams and slathering serums, but her layered process seems to be living up to its lush, dewy promise. Or as Gawker put it, come the end of the day, America’s moistest woman can be found “…dripping like Ophelia and slip-slide-sailing over the marble floors.”

Either way, the pearly face of Martha is looking damp good.

  • Rachel Duran is an editor at Arithmetic.
  • About Us: Arithmetic is a new skincare company focused on helping adults with acne.
  • Photo: Gawker

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