The Arithmetic Holiday Gift Guide for a Clear, Beautiful Complexion

Posted on December 05, 2013 by Andy Bosselman

If you know someone with acne, chances are they won't appreciate a gift that says, "I think you should do something about your skin." But the holidays are a time to treat ourselves, too, so if you're looking for a gift to your complexion, check out our skincare picks. 



The Milk Protein Foaming Cream Cleanser is everything you want in a cleanser: it's gentle and it leaves skin feeling clean and soft. $21 at Sephora




I'm cautious about suggesting exfoliators with physical grit, but if you're using a drying treatment like benzoyl peroxide, sometimes you just need to rub away the dead skin. When Joshua Onysko, the founder of Pangea Organics personally suggested a gentle scrub with his Egyptian Geranium Facial Scrub, I tried it and I've been hooked ever since. $32 at Pangea Organics.



Sulfur is an under-appreciated ingredient, perhaps because it's a little stinky. But a mask is a great way to get its benefits, plus this one helps turnover skin with natural salicylic acid and it soothes with calming zinc to keep reactive skin looking its best. $45 at Sephora.



I'm partial to our Acne Control Complex. A low dose of benzoyl peroxide is combined with tea tree oil to knock out zits and blemishes. Plus we combine it with hydrating ingredients, a formula optimized for the unique needs of adult skin. $24.95 at Arithmetic.  



Creme De La Mer

Is it a splurge or a necessity? Everyone I know who uses Crème de la Mer insists that their skin simply cannot live without it. With ingredients that are truly harvested from the sea, maybe they're onto something. $435 at La Mer.



Get it all together with with a stylish dop kit that's "proud to be cut and sewn by hand in Portland, Oregon." $78 at Chester Wallace.


  • Andy Boselman is the founder of Arithmetic. 
  • About Arithmetic: We're a new skincare company that was born out of my own obsessive pursuit of better treatment options for adult acne. 



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