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Welcome to The Arithmetic Approach

If you're no longer a teenager and you've tried everything, it's time for products that are gentle, powerful—and optimized to clear adult skin. It's time for The Arithmetic Approach.

Your Path to Clear, Healthy Skin

“The Acne Control Complex has decreased my breakouts and has succeeded in doing so without drying out my face. I've been pimple-free for three months!"
—Amy M.



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Take A "Makeup Diet" for Clearer, Healthier Skin: Here's How
April 16, 2015

For many women, especially those with less-than-perfect skin, applying makeup is a must-do step before stepping out of the house. But wearing makeup all day, every day can be exhausting for your skin: foundations, powders, and creams mix with the usual...

Gear Patrol Features Our Aloe + Zinc Shave Cream among This Week's Best New Gear for Guys
April 10, 2015

  April 2014: Gear Patrol features our Aloe + Zinc Shave Cream among last week's best new gear for guys. Gear Patrol: This Week in Gear: April 6 – 10 

Sweets & Zits: How Cutting Some Sugar from Your Diet Just Might Improve Skin Health
April 09, 2015

Do cupcakes and lollipops lead to dull, pimple-prone skin? While the science linking a sugary diet and acne is still being tallied, cutting back on sugar just might calm your complexion. I'm sorry to say it, but sugar is a sly villain that messes with our body’s...

Alpha or Beta? How to Choose between AHA and BHA Acids for Clear, Radiant Skin.
April 02, 2015

Cosmetics containing acids are a great way to reduce wrinkles, clarify skin, and exfoliate. But with two major types of acid, which hydroxyl formula is right for your skin? Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) is most often seen as salicylic acid....

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