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Welcome to The Arithmetic Approach

If you're no longer a teenager and you've tried everything, it's time for products that are gentle, powerful—and optimized to clear adult skin. It's time for The Arithmetic Approach.

Your Path to Clear, Healthy Skin

“The Acne Control Complex has decreased my breakouts and has succeeded in doing so without drying out my face. I've been pimple-free for three months!"
—Amy M.



Recent Articles

Check out our profile in Forbes: The Chic Way to Get Rid of Adult Acne
February 28, 2015

Our unique approach to treating adult acne is profiled in Forbes. Forbes: The Chic Way to Get Rid of Adult Acne

Hormonal Acne: 3 Telltale Signs and How to Keep Skin Clear and Healthy All Month Long
February 26, 2015

Does a new breakout seem to surface every month? Even if you eat right, sleep well and are mindful of your skincare routine, your complexion may throw tantrums in rhythm with your monthly cycle.  Many women experience regular breakouts, especially along the jawline. While they may seem...

Arithmetic in Beauty High Magazine: Ingredients Your Acne Cream Must Have—and the Ones It Shouldn’t
February 24, 2015

Today our founder is quoted in an article about skincare ingredients for acne-prone skin on a leading beauty news and trends site.  Beauty High: Ingredients Your Acne Cream Must Have—and the Ones It Shouldn’t. By Natasha Burton.  

A Date with the Dermatologist: Four In-Office Acne Procedures Worth Knowing Before Your Visit
February 19, 2015

As acne affects more people and becomes increasingly difficult to treat, it may make  sense to make an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss a professional in-office treatment. Although none are a sure-fix for adult acne, in-office procedures may help where other treatments haven't. In...

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