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Welcome to The Arithmetic Approach

If you're no longer a teenager and you've tried everything, it's time for products that are gentle, powerful—and optimized to clear adult skin. It's time for The Arithmetic Approach.

Your Path to Clear, Healthy Skin

“The Acne Control Complex has decreased my breakouts and has succeeded in doing so without drying out my face. I've been pimple-free for three months!"
—Amy M.



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Clear Comfort: 3 Tips to Avoid Dryness, Irritation, and Sensitivity When Zapping Zits with Benzoyl Peroxide
August 27, 2015

Spot treatments with benzoyl peroxide are often more effective than prescription drugs. But this powerful ingredient also has a reputation for drying and irritating skin. Of course, if using it makes your skin uncomfortable and you don't use it consistently, it can't do its job. But...

Acne and Wrinkles: Five Ways to Alleviate the Frustrations of Aging Skin
August 20, 2015

Your zits and blemishes aren't keeping track of your birthday. But you may find yourself celebrating the turn of a new year with both pimples and wrinkles. So how do you treat your breakouts without exacerbating your aging skin’s concerns: fine...

Clearing Adult Breakouts, Explained in Five Minutes
August 13, 2015

Adult acne and teen acne are not equal. Although the pimples and breakouts are just as troubling whether you’re 15 or 45, the skin responds differently as it ages. Forget those ads featuring bubbly prom goers—when you're in your 20s, 30s, or beyond, it’s time...

Naturally Clear: 5 Essential Oils That Just Might Help Blemish-Prone Skin
August 07, 2015

Tea trees (melaleuca) in Karijini National Park, Western Australia From chasing away headaches to boosting your mood, the healing properties of essential oils have been credited to helping every ailment imaginable—including zits, pimples, and breakouts. While we can't say that rigorous studies have proven that every oil...

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